MODx Web Development - Second Edition Thoughts

If you are considering the MODX books by Packt Publishing, give a little extra thought to why you want them.

MODxpo Videos on Vimeo

The MODxpo videos get an upgrade!

Website Revolution

The MODx developers recently celebrated the launch of MODx Revolution. A total rewrite of the CMS many have known to grow and love (myself included), but is this really a milestone worth celebrating?

MODxpo Slideshow

A video recap of MODxpo by zaighamz


Couldn't make it to MODxpo? Well fear not as there are plenty of pictures and video so you can enjoy a part of the experience. We hope you can join us next time around when it's even bigger and better!

Design without Production Experience

Do you really need to understand the medium to be an effective designer? It's a tricky question right...? My thoughts on the subject.

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